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Posted by on Oct 16, 2013 in CAR REVIEWS, Features | 0 comments

imageI had a motor sox blessing last night when the all new mighty  S-Class was unveiled at a dinner  at the rather fabulous Casalinga in Honeydew.  Dubbed The Best Automobile in the World it’s easy to see why the Germans are so excited.

It will be unveiled to the public at the Johannesburg Motor show that runs from 18-27 at NASREC . Media get to see it at 8am this morning… Mercedes Benz says:

As with every generation, the new S-Class will set standards across the board to retain its accolade as “the best automobile in the world”.  Perfection down to the last detail results in “The Essence of Luxury”. This pursuit of the best or nothing is particularly noticeable in the interior: whether it is the seats or the air coditioning, the controls or the design, the infotainment or the comfort and safety in the rear – new ideas, their painstaking realisation, and highest perceived quality underpin the high standards that the engineers have set for the new S-Class.image






Exclusive interview The Walking Dead Michonne

Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Profile, Video | 0 comments

You have got to see her without her sword! image watch this Exclusive interview with Danai Gurira The Walking Dimageead’s meanest hero and my biggest crush since Jesse

Watch Michonne slaughter 27 Zombies in 47 secs

Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 in Profile, Video | 0 comments

Michonne my new girl crush The WalkingDead The reason I have slacked off blogging this week is that I have been watching the last of Series 3 The Walking Dead and am totally enamoured with my latest girl crush Michonne. Stand back Jesse. Michonne sword the walkers.



Posted by on Oct 7, 2013 in JOURNEYS INBETWEEN | 0 comments

With the recent accident I have had to search hard and deep for answers and meaning. It hasn’t been always easy to see the lesson in the pain. But on a particularly dark day about a week ago when I was beating myself up and feeling so bad, I suddenly remember a passage I had written back in 2005 in my first book Smacked.

Face lifting perfection

Posted by on Oct 6, 2013 in Video | 0 comments

FACELIFT 5seriesimage5series FACELIFT Unless  you’re a real connoisseur you may not be able to see the cosmetic changes at first glance, but get behind the wheel of the new 5 series saloon and GT and you’ll sniff the subtle differences and realise that what you once assumed to be perfect, just got more perfect.

BREAKING BAD’s Jesse’s bad luck

Posted by on Oct 3, 2013 in Video | 0 comments

BAD STUFF THAT HAPPENED TO JESSE now that it’s come to an end it’s time to look at all the bad stuff that went down for poor Jesse Pinkman  Breaking Bad.